The Things You Should Have Handy in Your Work Desk

I was inspired to write up something about useful items and supplies to have in your desk at work after I reached into mine earlier and found a few candy boxes given to me by my supervisor sometime around Christmas. Were these candy boxes useful to me? Well, not at first. But a few times when I’ve needed a burst in energy or simply found myself too hungry to focus on my work, I dug into them. So, yes, they were useful.

After digging around in my desk and asking a few of my coworkers what all they have in theirs that they find quite useful from time to time, I’ve come up with quite an interesting array of things that you may not have thought about for your desk.

Computer mouse

Don’t leave this thing out unless it’s connected to your computer and your company owns it. If it gets taken then or something is spilled on it, that’s up to the company to replace it. But if it’s yours (which mine most certainly is, because I’m picky about mine), I store it within my desk when it’s not in use. No reason to leave it out.

Pens and lined paper

Duh, right? Well, you’d be surprised how many people don’t have their own and have to ask coworkers for either of these items. There is such thing as keeping organized on your computer if you can manage all the documents, but sometimes good old pen and paper are just quicker, easier, and the way we’ve always done things.


You’ll always be glad to have a small notebook or pad of index cards with your passwords on them. Obviously you were told when growing up to not make all of your usernames and passwords the same (and you probably still did it anyway). But some of yours will be work related where you didn’t create them. Some of them will be updated passwords with a different year. Some will be entirely different for whatever reason. There’s no way to remember them all without some form of tracking system, and this is one of the easiest and most useful ways to do it.


Yes, I stole this one from my supervisor putting candy in my desk. Snacks are fine so long as they don’t melt to your inner desk. They’re quite handy in boosting your mood, quenching your appetite, and even giving you a bit of energy to get back at the job when you’re feeling drowsy or off. Why not, right?


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